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    Changes to switch from using tag to rtag. Note that this commit requires · 7a2ef6f1
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    a locally modifed version of CVS that does a couple of extra things. The
    hacks are quite simple and currently on users. Briefly, there is a new
    config file option to specify a program to run when the tag operation is
    complete (similar to a module hook for rtag), and in tag.c I run that hook.
    Check out a sandbox as before:
      cvs -d ops.emulab.net:/proj/$pid/templates/XXXXX/cvsrepo rtag mytag XXXXX
    To create a new template (along the trunk), use the tag operation instead:
    	cd sandbox
    	cvs tag mtag
    and what for the email that says the template is created. You can
    continue to work along the trunk in this manner, although note that
    the .template file is changing (by the backend commit), and you might
    find it less distriacting to do a cvs update each time.
    To work along a branch:
    	cd sandbox
    	cvs tag -r existing_tag -b newtag1
            cvs update -r newtag
            make changes and commits
    	cvs tag newtag2
    When working along branched you will want to do a cvs update to get
    the .template file in sync.
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