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    Timothy Stack authored
    Convert to a CSS layout, hopefully it should make some workbenchy
    things easier.
    	* www/beginexp_form.php3: Widen the nscheck window a bit so it
    	looks nice.
    	* www/common-style.css: Clean out some dead definitions.
    	* www/GNUmakefile.in, www/csshover.htc: Some magic that makes IE
    	support the :hover CSS pseudo-class.
    	* www/currentusage.php3: Tweak the header on the usage table.
    	* www/linktest.php3: Drop an extraneous </div>.
    	* www/menu.php3, www/tutorial/mobilewireless.php3: Use CSS and
    	semantic markup instead of tables.
    	* www/nscheck.php3: Hide some of the extra stuff.
    	* www/style-doc.css: Some styling specific to documentation.
    	* www/style.css, www/style-nonmain.css: Update for changes to
    	menu.php3 and try to clean out some old stuff.
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