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    Add "routing" support with new TMCD command that looks at the · 746f32c8
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    routertype field in the nodes table. For eventual use when Mike is
    ready with gated stuff.
    Modify the dohostnames stuff as per dicussion with Rob and
    Mac. Instead semi-usless node-N names, set the name of the interface
    to node-LinkName, where the linkname comes from the virt_lans table,
    and is the name of the link/lan that interface is sitting on. This way
    the user can actually figure out the interface when doing his routing
    by assigning names to all links/lans in the NS file.
    One major bogousity is that in order to maintain backwards
    compatability, I've instituted a new hostnames commands (hostnamesV2).
    We need a good way to deal with versioning!