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    Initial checkin of ONIE clientside. · 72d6a8e6
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * Add onie-dongle and onie-dongle-install targets, which builds and
      installs (DESTDIR required) the bits and pieces we need. This install
      is intended to update the initram FS. ONIE operates as the admin MFS
      and the "frisbee" MFS, bootinfoclient used to emulate PXEWAIT
    * Need to be build in the ONIE cross compiler environment, see the
      ftos.env and mlnx.env for the environment variables before config and
    * Basic operation is like the old CDROM; use bootinfoclient and tmcc
      bootwhat to drop into "admin" or "frisbee" mode, or boot the NOS. Use
      tmcc loadinfo and call onie-nos-install. Use a grub environment
      variable to tell grub to either boot the NOS (and then clear the
      variable) or boot into ONIE.
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