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    Changes for speeding up elabinelab server setup. · 6feda7d3
    Mike Hibler authored
    Boss/ops/fs: reboot them together after setup rather than serially.
    Nodes: leave them in PXEWAIT throughout the setup, until after boss has
    been rebooted.  At that point we send them the new bootinfo RESTART command
    telling pxeboot to re-DHCP and use the new info obtained (next-server) to
    contact a potentially new boss node.  This is a quick way to switch a node
    in PXEWAIT from talking to the outer boss to talking to the inner one.
    A significant number of rinky-dink changes were needed to do this, primarily
    adding a new state, PXELIMBO, where nodes can be sent to sit until they are
    restarted.  It turns out, just putting them in an existing state such as
    PXEWAKEUP or SHUTDOWN wouldn't work, as they tend to timeout or otherwise
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