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    The big key changes ... Deprecate the two pubkey slots in the users · 6c6f8baf
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    table and create a new table to hold user_pubkeys, indexed by the
    comment field of the key. Change mkacct to insert newly created Emulab
    keys into that table, and to regen the users authorized_keys file
    from the DB. Users should no longer edit their own authorized_keys
    file or the changes will be lost (I put a comment in their files).
    Change the three pages that deal with keys. join/new project can now
    take a file of multiple keys; each is inserted. Moved the key stuff
    that was in the update user info page into a new pubkeys page that
    allows users to add/sub keys easily. New key additions are password
    Unrelated change: Add an audit mode to mkacct to log its output and
    send it to the tblogs email. Previously, warnings and errors tended to
    get lost.