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    Hack fix for an apparent boot-time race condition. Our pump-invoked · 633a7a12
    Mike Hibler authored
    sethostname script properly sets the hostname, but sometimes that hostname
    gets overridden by one of the static boot scripts which sets the hostname
    back to "localhost".  The sequence is something like:
    	pump runs on eth0 and fires off our sethostname script
    	sethostname blocks
    	ifup of eth1 starts, determines that hostname hasn't been
    	  set (i.e., is set to "localhost") and remembers (NEEDHOSTNAME)
    	sethostname finishes by setting the host name
    	ifup of eth1 finishes, seeing NEEDHOSTNAME is set but doesn't
    	  have anything to set it to so resets to "localhost"
    Weird.  Hack is to make sure it never thinks it needs to set the hostname
    by setting it to something that is not "localhost".  We do this once we
    identify the control net interface (and thus know we will be running pump RSN).