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    Add three new control mechanisms to the front end to control the use · 62b4edc9
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    of emulated and linkdelays on a per-link/lan basis (although you
    cannot make a lan emulated at this time).
    	tb-set-link-uselinkdelay $link0 1
    	tb-set-lan-uselinkdelay $lan0 1
    	tb-set-link-emulated $link0 1
    Added slots to the virt_lans table, used in assign_wrapper to control
    these features on a per link/lan basis. Note, the global options are
    still available to prefer/force linkdelays for an entire experiment.
    When setting uselinkdelays on a per link/basis, if the link would not
    otherwise be shaped, you are requesting that a linkdelay be inserted
    anyway (in otherwords, its the equiv of tb-set-forcelinkdelays on an
    individual basis).