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    A bunch of changes for a "standalone" clearinghouse. Presently this · 60f04310
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    its really a hugely stripped down Emulab boss install, using a very
    short version of install/boss-install to get a few things into place.
    I refactored a few things in both the protogeni code and the Emulab
    code, and whacked a bunch of makefiles and configure stuff. The result
    is that we only need to install about 10-12 files from the Emulab
    code, plus the protogeni code. Quite manageable, if you don't mind
    that it requires FreeBSD 6.X ... Still, I think it satisfies the
    requirement that we have a packaged clearinghouse that can be run
    standalone from a running Emulab site.