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    Yet another attempt to Get It Right based on our latest half-assed · 609c547e
    Mike Hibler authored
    understanding of how mountd operates.
    Things that should be fixed:
    1. It iterates over every node calculating what directories are exported,
       what FSes they are on, etc.  Most of that work only needs to happen
       per experiment.
    2. The algorithm to determine what FS a directory is on is a hack.  I just
       take the first component of the path provided.  As long as we mount all
       our FSes at the top level and configure with canonical pathes, this is
       ok.  Other solutions require calling out to the ops node to get actual
       mount info.
    3. Once shared experiments are revived, the code to determine exported
       directories will need to change.  The algorithm for computing the
       exports lines should still be correct.
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