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    Checkpoint some robot changes. · 5f67fe09
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * New robot event listener:
        * It is intended to be started and stopped from the experiment
          swapin path instead of as a global daemon. It takes the pid/eid
          of the experiment, and will deal with events only for those
          nodes that are allocated to the experiment. We have some long
          range plans of time sharing the robot lab, so I figured we might
          as get a little bit of a start on that.
        * Once it fires up, it subscribes to the usual assortment of
          events, just like the loclistener does.
        * It then binds a socket on which to listen for connections from
          the web server.
        * Then it loops, looking for events and for connections from the
          web server. Connections from the web server are for forwarding
          the event stream in real time to whatever applets are currently
          viewing the robot lab.
        * As each event comes in, it is parsed, entered into the DB (nodes
          and location_info table), and fired out (in a textua...
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