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    Finally, a check for links that want too much bandwidth. Right now it uses · 5eb5c6ed
    Mac Newbold authored
    the somewhat hacky fail-if-they-want-over-100mbps method, but could in the
    future draw the info from the database or something if it ends up being
    Setup Failure(255): Output as follows:
    *** /usr/testbed/devel/newbold/lib/ns2ir/parse.tcl:
        Bandwidth requested (150000) exceeds maximum of 100000 kbps!
    *** /usr/testbed/devel/newbold/lib/ns2ir/parse.tcl:
        [run] link0 has only a single node. LANs must have at least 2 nodes in them.
    *** /usr/testbed/devel/newbold/bin/batchexp:
        NS Parse failed!