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    Add support for new {user,group,project,experiment}_stats tables. · 5e5508bf
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    The first three are aggregate tables, while the experiment stats table
    gets a record for each new experiment, and is updated when an
    experiment is swapped in/out/modify or terminated. Look at the table
    to see what is tracked. Once the experiment_stats record is updated,
    the aggregate tables are updated as necessary. There are a bunch of
    ugly changes to assign_wrapper to get the stats. Note that pnodes is
    not incremented until an experiment sucessfully swaps in. This is in
    leu of getting status codes; I'm not tracking failed operations yet,
    nor creating the log file that Jay wants. I'll do that in the next
    round of changes when we see how useful these numbers are.
    Most of the changes are to create/delete table entries where
    appropriate, and to display the records. Display is only under admin
    mode, and the display is raw; just a dump of the assoc tables in php.
    The last 100 experiment stats records are available via the Experiment
    List page, using the "Stats" show option at the top. Bad place, but
    will do for now.
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