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    Timothy Stack authored
    Initial checkin of a "repositioning" daemon that moves robots back to
    their pens on swapout.
    	* configure, configure.in: Add tbsetup/repos_daemon.
    	* db/libdb.pm.in: Add constants for the
    	repositionpending/repositioning experiments.
    	* db/nfree.in: When freeing garcias, send them to
    	repositionpending instead of reloadpending.
    	* event/sched/event-sched.c: Deal with the rare case of no
    	SIMULATOR object being in the agent list for an experiment.
    	* robots/emc/emcd.c, robots/emc/locpiper.in: Fix some typos.
    	* robots/rmcd/masterController.h, robots/rmcd/masterController.c,
    	robots/rmcd/obstacles.h, robots/rmcd/obstacles.c: Ignore dynamic
    	obstacles that are far away and remove dynamic obstacles where the
    	robot is inside the natural obstacle area.
    	* sql/database-create.sql, sql/database-migrate.txt: Add a
    	reposition_status table that tracks the status of robots that are
    	being moved back to their pens.
    	* tbsetup/GNUmakefile.in: Install the repos_daemon script.
    	* tbsetup/reload_daemon.in: Move robots to the repositionpending
    	experiment, if they haven't already reached their pen.
    	* tbsetup/repos_daemon.in: Daemon that takes care of seeing robots
    	back to their pens after they are freed from an experiment.