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    Lets make it easier to manage pre reservations (Mike, this was Rob's · 5c998ffc
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    New script and table to manage node pre reservations. Lets just look
    at the script.
    To create a reservation:
        myboss> wap prereserve -t pc850 testbed 2
        Node reservation request for 2 nodes has been created.
    To see the reservation status for testbed
        myboss> wap prereserve -i testbed
        Project         Cnt (Cur)  Creator    When               Pri Types
        testbed         1 (1)      stoller    2011-08-12 12:39:07 0   pc850
        which says 1 node is pending and 1 node has already been
    To clear the above reservation request (and optionally, clean
    reserved_pid from the nodes table).
        myboss> wap prereserve -c -r testbed
        The -r is optional, otherwise just the reservation request is
        cleared, and nodes continue to be pre-reserved to the project.
    To see a list of all reservation requests:
        myboss> wap prereserve -l
    So, when a node is released in nfree, we look at the reservation
    status for the node and any pending reservation requests.
    1. If the node has a reserved_pid and that request is still pending
       (still in the table), nothing is changed.
    2. If the node has a reserved_pid, but the request has been cleared
       from the pending table, then clear reserved_pid.
    3. If reserved_pid is null, and there are pending requests, then pick
       the highest priority, most recent dated, request, and set
       reserved_pid to that project.
    * -n <pri> - is how you set a priority. Lowest is zero, choose a
      higher number if you want this reservation request to be considered
      before others. In a tie, look at the date of creation, and use the
    * -t <typelist> - a comma separated list of types you want to
      consider. Types are considered in order, but not in the fancy way
      you might imagine.
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