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    Timothy Stack authored
    More bug fixes for vmcd and friends:
    	* GNUmakerules: Set SRCDIR as an environment variable so every
    	test doesn't have to be a template.
    	* robots/emc/emcd.c: Correctly handle a vision position that is
    	dead-on the initial position.  XXX Turn off orientation matching
    	for now, it is too strict at the moment so that it favors close
    	orientation over close position.
    	* robots/mtp/mtp.c: Fix some broken printfs in mtp_print_packet.
    	* robots/vmcd/GNUmakefile.in: Add another test.
    	* robots/vmcd/test_emcd2.config, robots/vmcd/test_vmcd2.pos,
    	robots/vmcd/etst_vmcd2.sh: A test that matches the initial
    	positions of two robots.
    	* robots/vmcd/test_vmcd.pos: Reduce the distance the robot moved
    	between frames.
    	* robots/vmcd/vmcd.c: Fix a bugfix and some formatting changes.