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    Several updates to libplab.py and plabnode.in · 56e67515
    Kirk Webb authored
    - getfree daemon doesn't die anymore when communcation with the plab dslice
      agent fails.
    - the link classifier logic has been changed slightly to allow nodes
      to be classified as inet2 even if they don't reverse resolve.  The problem
      here is that intl nodes that don't resolve, but which go through abilene
      will look like inet2 nodes, which is wrong.  Manual verification of the
      node_auxtypes table is still recommended.
    - The fping verifier has been disabled for now (since some plab nodes
      block ICMP traffic).
    - made some error messages more descriptive
    - plabnodes script now handles more agent communication errors gracefully
     (retries when if encounters them).
    - rearranged plabnode's retry loops to be a little easier to read, and
      more general.
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