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    A bunch of logfile changes. Logs are now saved in the experiment · 51bc0de4
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    directory so that they can be viewed later after the operation is
    complete. I've also cleaned up the mechanism for determining when
    a log file is active (for the web spew) by using another slot in the
    experiments table, and added some libdb routines to manage that slot.
    At present just the last (or latest) log can be viewed after the fact,
    but we can change that later if think its really necessary. At the
    same time, make it possible for admin types to view the log files for
    other peoples expierments; spew is setuid, but flips back after
    opening the file (does usual checks too). I've also incorporated the
    log changes into the batch daemon, so you can view the last batch log
    too, although I have not tested that yet!
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