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    Temp fix for the problem of tunnels not working, which was caused by · 4a64493c
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    a missing url in the certificate for component (node). Why was that?
    Well, when I create a sliver, I use the same uuid as the node, and
    then later when I need to find the node for that sliver, I look for it
    in the nodes table using the that uuid. This was bad cause for each
    sliver I create a new certificate pair, and thus a new uuid. This
    overwrites the original certificate bound to that node, only the new
    certificate is not created with a URL. This is bad all around, but
    with uuids being replaced by URNs and so close to the demo, I am not
    going to fix this properly, but rather just avoid the problem by
    reusing the existing certificate for the node when creating a sliver.
    Revisit later this week.