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    Add some new ways to treat features. · 46a52a04
    Robert Ricci authored
    Features that begin with a '*' have some kind of global scope. Since
    that, by itself, doesn't mean much, the second character of the
    feature name must tell us what type of global feature it is. The two
    currently supported are:
    '&' - 'one is okay' - don't penalize the first pnode that has this
        feature, but penalize subsequent ones. Will be used to prefer
        not to give people multiple nodes at the sime widearea site.
    '!' - 'more than one is okay' - penalize the first pnode that has
        this feature, but not subsequent ones. This could be used to let
        assign pick experiments to swap out in order to let the current
        experiment map. The idea being that once you've decided that one
        of the experiment's nodes is getting stolen, you might as well
        swap the whole thing.
    For now, these global features should not have corresponding desires,
    because it's not clear what the right thing to do would be. But, we may
    decide to add these semantics someday.
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