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    A bunch o' account managment script schanges. I have reworked · 46068860
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    mkprojdir, mkacct-cntrl, mkgroup, and group-update into a set of new
    scripts that are more specific to their intended operation, and strive
    to do less work.
    1. mkacct - Replaces mkacct-cntrl. This script no longer does any
       group stuff. All it does is create new accounts, or update the
       password and gecos fields of existing accounts. Usage is the same
       as it was: "mkacct <userid>", and is typically invoked from the web
       interface via the approveuser form.
    2. mkgroup - Replaces group-update. This script creates new groups,
       either for the main project when it is approved, or for subgroup
       creation. This script does not alter the group membership. Usage
       is typically from the web interface, but mkgroup can be invoked
       from the command line: "mkgroup [-b | -a] <pid> <gid>" where -b
       puts it in the background and sends email later, while -a just
       captures the log and emails. This "audit" feature is going to find
       its way into more scripts as soon as I figure out a neat and clean
       perl mechanism to make it easy.
    3. setgroups - Replaces group-update. This script modifies the group
       membership of either specific users, or all the users in a
       project. It is typically invoked from the web interface when a
       project leader edits the subgroup membership or when a user is
       first approved to a project or subgroup. Command line usage is:
    	setgroups [-b | -a] -p <pid> [user ...]
            setgroups [-b | -a] [user ...]\n
       The first form is mostly a means to speed things up. The web
       interfaces knows exactly what users have need to be changed, but a
       global project update is nice too.
    4. mkproj - Replaces mkprojdir. Actually, mkproj still has all that
       directory code, but it also handles creating the groups and the
       account for the project leader. Part of my policy to move as much
       random code out of the web interface and into the PERL backend
       where it belongs.
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