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    Kevin Atkinson authored
    Updates to to Error Logging API Code.
    You should start seeing much better error messages coming from my
    system.  Errors coming from parse.proxy and assign (the two most
    frequent sources of errors) should now be concise and to the point.
    Errors coming from libosload/libreboot (the next most frequent source
    of errors) should now also be much better, but not perfect.  Getting
    perfect errors will likely a rework of how errors are handled in
    libosload/libreboot, just adding tberror/tbwarn/tbnotice calls is not
    enough.  I can do this at a latter date if necessary.
    A few minor database changes.
    Some changes to the API.  A few bug fixes. Lots of tberror/tbwarn/tbnotice
    added to scripts.
    Since assign is a C program, and at this time my API is perl only, I wrote a
    second wrapper around assign, assign_wrapper2.  When assign fails errors are
    now parsed in assign_wrapper2, sent to stderr and logged.  This means that
    RunAssign() just returns when assign fails rather than echoing some of
    assign.log output and then quiting.  The output to the activity log remains
    Since "parse.proxy" is run from ops I couldn't use my API in it, even though
    it is a perl program.  Instead I parse the errors coming form it in