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    Minimal NSE related changes on the mainbed so that I can work · 425b4e47
    Shashi Guruprasad authored
    in the dev tree. I'm tired of problems on the mini that wastes
    my time.
    Changes include 2 new tmcd commands: tmcc routelist returns
    the routes for all the vnodes hosted on a pnode. tmcc role
    returns the role of a reserved node, like 'virthost' or
    'simhost.  tmcc ifconfig now reports an RTABID field which
    is calculated in assign wrapper. All the new changes
    in assign wrapper will be checked in after I finish testing.
    All the DB changes are in: simnode_capacity in node_types, rtabid in
    interfaces and veth_interfaces. New NSE event_objtype and NSEEVENT
    event_eventtype. Changed the erole field in the reserved table
    to have 'simhost' instead of 'simnode'. Changed the correspoding
    libdb subroutines.