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    Update the use of realpath across all perl scripts · 3f167217
    Kirk Webb authored
    Change to use the realpath function in the 'Cwd' module instead of
    calling realpath via the shell.  The shell command varies in its
    reaction to a missing final path component.  On some platforms (Linux,
    FBSD10+) realpath reports an error if the final component doesn't exist
    on the filesystem.  On others (FBSD < 10), it does not report an error.
    The perl function from 'Cwd' emulates the same behavior as FBSD prior to
    version 10, which is the behavior the scripts expect.
    From here on out, instead of using `realpath`, do the following:
    use Cwd qw(realpath);
    my $realpath = realpath($somepath);