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    Control yet another systemd/udev race/dependency on Ubuntu 16. · 3ed87a0f
    David Johnson authored
    The stock Ubuntu 16 networking.service only runs `udevadm settle` if
    there are 'auto ...' stanzas in /etc/network/interfaces .  Well, we got
    rid of that a few commits ago, and now let udev rules populate
    /etc/network/interfaces (really /run/emulab-interfaces.d-auto-added/*).
    So, it's either hack the networking.service unit file to force udev to
    settle, and have it blown away on package update; or add a
    networking-emulab.service that has to run before networking.service to
    force udev to settle.  We *always* want udev to settle on any Emulab
    node before bringing up interfaces, just in case the control net NIC is
    slow for whatever reason.
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