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    Changes for how we distribute the initial set of imageids and osids. · 3c1678d6
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * install/dump-descriptors <filename> will write out a set of insert
      statements for the images and os_info table, slightly munged. In
      fact, what I do is create temporary tables called temp_images and
      temp_os_info, clean them a bit, and then write out the insert
      statements to load them into new tables of the same name.
      There are some arrays at the top of this script that says what images and
      osids to write out.
    * install/load-descriptors <filename> takes the output of
      dump-descriptors, creates the two temporary tables and loads the
      data into them. Then it (optionally) updates those tables with the
      local indicies of elabman and the emulab-ops project and group.
      Then it computes an osidtoimageid table for all class='pc' types. On a
      new testbed this is a reasonable approach, in my opinion.
      Next it takes the contents of the two temp tables and moves them across
      to the actual tables.
    * install/descriptors.sql is the current data set which has everything
      contained in sql/database-fill-supplemental.sql and install/images/*