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    A couple more minor changes before I turn the new stuff loose. · 8fddf3ce
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Added a wrapper class so that you can invoke methods as
      experiment.swapexp or node.reboot. So instead of invoking as
      /XMLRPC/experiment can calling swapexp, you can call the server as
      /XMLRPC and call experiment.swapexp. This allows you to use a single
      connection to talk to different parts of the API. Note this is standard
      (or is it defacto) syntax in XMLRPC.
    * Changed the demonstration client to talk the server this way.
    * Changed paperbag to allow this as well; the xmlrpc server is invoked with
      no args, which tells it to export the wrapper interface instead of a
      specific module interface.
    * A few more cleanups in the server, more permission checks, etc.
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