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    * Finish up the Commit From Template support. · 3327ba01
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Export the above via the XMLRPC interface and add a wrapper function
      to the script_wrapper. This allows you do to this on ops:
    	cd /proj/testbed/templates/10023/1
            Edit some files
      Which creates a new template, using the current directory to infer
      the template. Otherwise, provide the template GUID on the command line.
      Hmm, maybe this should be called template_modify? Either way, the
      name does not quite match
    * Export template_export via the XMLRPC wrapper. This allows you to
      export a template (instance) record from the command line on ops.
    	cd /proj/testbed/templates/10023/1
            template_export -i 12
            Exported to /proj/testbed/export/10000/3/12
      Which exports the template record for instance number 12. Again, the
      GUID is infered, but you can specify one on the command line. The export
      directory is printed so you know where it went. Note that export does
      *not* populate a DB on ops with the old DB data.