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    A set of changes to allow the newnode path (MFS and adding nodes) to · 94d97303
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    work inside ElabInElab.
    The crux of this is to emulate what switchmac does when incorporating nodes
    into the testbed. Rather then using snmpit to ask the switches for MAC info,
    we can just ask outer emulab via the proxy to get that same info from the
    DB. Note, there are no changes to the newnode MFS; it will boot and happily
    report it after launching teachswitch, but those packets are harmless to the situation.
    Another wrinkle is that we need the outer emulab to tell us which
    interfaces are control and which are experimental, since inside there
    is no real way to determine that. I did this by overloading the final
    field in the return from switchmac, and using that to override the
    "role" setting that utils/newnode would normally choose on its own.
    There is another new routine in the XMLRPC server that is intended to
    be used for bypassing the newnode path. This is not hooked into
    anything yet, but the intent is that rather then using the web
    interface to "add" nodes, we just return everything needed to seed the
    new_nodes and new_interfaces table, and then run newnodes directly.
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