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    Avoid a problem in newproject.php3. When the DB is locked for daily backup, · 2f373d5b
    Russ Fish authored
    NewNewUser()/newuser would block and then unblock and get done; meanwhile the PHP
    thread went away so we never returned to call NewNewProject/mkproj.  Move the call
    on the newuser script from PHP into the back-end Perl newproj script for atomicity.
        www/newproject.php3 - When the project leader is a new user, pass two xml
            files to the newproj backend script, one describing the project and the
            second one (an optional) file describing the newuser.
        www/user_defs.php - Factor the xml-making part of NewNewUser into NewNewUserXML.
        www/project_defs.php - Remove the required $leader arg of NewNewProject.
            newproj may call newuser, which may generate the leader uid.
        backend/newproj.in - Call newuser with an optional 'newuser_xml' XML file.
        sql/database-fill.sql - Add 'projects','newuser_xml'.
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