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    Add linktest support to the portal. Work in progress. · 2ed46ed2
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * A new Start Linktest button is in the bottom right of the topology tab.
    * When started, we create a new tab to display the linktest output
      (currently the unmodified output from Classic emulab linktest). The state
      of the experiment is change to linktest to prevent further action on the
      experiment, except of course for stop linktest.
    * When linktest is running, there is a Stop Linktest button in the upper
      collapse panel. This will stop linktest in its tracks, but the tabs
      remain. When you kill a linktest tab while linktest is running, linktest
      continues running, you have to use the Stop button.
    * I have added a small help document to the templates directory that the
      user is shown when they click on the ? mark in the linktest modal.
      Written in markdown format, it is a culling of text from the Emulab wiki
      linktest page.
    * Because of polling, there is a short (5-15 seconds) delay before the
      experiment is returned to the ready state. Not much to do about this in a
      polling world. Wouldn't callbacks be nice?
    * Linktest can be used on a multisite topology, although cross site links
      cannot be tested at this point. Links/Lans that are contained entirely to
      one site or the other are testable though. We build a new tab for each
      site to spew the linktest output.
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