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    Assorted cleanups for version 0.2: · 2af0f789
    Mike Hibler authored
    emulabboot.sh: make sure tbbootconfig is executable
    rc.emulab: fix exit code
    register.sh: pass netbed_IP on to register.pl
    	fix exit code
    	attempt to intuit gateway: (addr & mask) | 1
    	code to set netmask based on network type, but for now stick with
    	more exotic code for determining disk (grubs through dmesg output
    		looking for disks, checks sizes to make sure they are
    		big enough)
    	use IP address passed in rather than trying to resolve from hostname
    	check hash of on CD image (we may want to disable this, takes a
    		long time)
    	get rid of hack when calling tbbootconfig since it is now fixed
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