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    * As of version 3, the CDROM now downloads the entire register.pl · 29895454
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
      script. The old script is just a wrapper that asks the page for the
      real script, which is run on the node. We return a url and md5 in
      the response, which the node then gets with wget. Right now the md5
      and the url are hardwired in the page, and the script goes in
      /z/testbed/distributions on boss. Needs to be DB loaded instead. The
      node will wait forever until it can get the script. ^C on the
      console will drop the node into a shell if the user knows the root
      Security is flimsy still; we depend on the ssl connection to ensure
      that the script is really coming from emulab. Should probably sign
      the script.
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