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    Part of my changes to support swapmod of ElabInElab experiments. I needed · 283e27fd
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    to get this change in cause it also includes some DHCPD conf changes and
    Mike and I were messing each other up.
    * The DHCPD change is that instead of using reserved.inner_elab_role
      as the flag to indicate a node should boot inside or outside, I
      added inner_elab_boot, which is a boolean that I set when its
      actually time to do this. This avoids two ElabInElab swapins at the
      same time from messing each other up! Basically avoids the obvious
    * The rest of the changes are for swapmod itself, which are incomplete
      but should be harmless until the rest of the stuff is ready.
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