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    The rest of the sync server additions: · 212cc781
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Parser: Added new tb command to set the name of the sync server:
    	tb-set-sync-server <node>
      This initializes the sync_server slot of the experiment entry to the
      *vname* of the node that should run the sync server for that
      experiment. In other words, the sync server is per-experiment, runs
      on a node in the experiment, and the user gets to chose which node
      it runs on.
    * tmcd and client side setup. Added new syncserver command which
      returns the name of the syncserver and whether the requesting node
      is the lucky one to run the daemon:
        SYNCSERVER SERVER='nodeG.syncserver.testbed.emulab.net' ISSERVER=1
      The name of the syncserver is written to /var/emulab/boot/syncserver
      on the nodes so that clients can easily figure out where the server
      Aside: The ready bits are now ignored (no DB accesses are made) for
      virtual nodes; they are forced to use the new sync server.
    * New os/syncd directory containing the daemon and the client. The