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    This commit contains two signifcant changes: · 210aa1ec
    Christopher Alfeld authored
    1. 'tb-set-hardware ... shark' and 'tb-set-hardware ... dnard' are now
    functionally identical.  Previously only the former worked but both passed
    the parser.
    2. Assign will now exit very quickly in the case that, for a given virtual
    nodes, there are no physical nodes that could match in type.  This should
    never happen as the parser and assign_wrapper have checks that usually
    prevent this.  However, in the case of problems in the code (such as #1)
    this'll make it easier to debug.  In addition, as we add more types of
    nodes and our estimates becoming increasingly inaccurate cases where this
    might occur could slip in.  All calling code treats this identically to an
    'insufficient resources' failure.