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    Changes to exit status stuff to reflect recent changes by Rob to how · 1c4a613c
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    assign exits (exit codes).
    * in assign_wrapper, no longer return any status from assign to the
      caller. This was pointless. Instead, return 0 on success, 1 on
      controlled error, and -1 on uncontrolled error (die() called
      someplace). Add in CANRECOVER bit whenever the wrapper exits, even
      if uncontrolled, by putting in an END block to catch the die. This
      should prevent certain cases where a swapmod error would be flagged
      as not recoverable.
    * Remove most of the assign output processing since we no longer
      return its codes. Still print a portion of it to the log though.
    * Change call to fatal() in assign_wrapper; do not pass an exitcode
      since in every case it was the same damn thing!
    * Change tbswap to no longer carry assign_wrapper exit code to its
    * Change the batch daemon to treat all errors as continuable (keep
      batch queued) unless exit code is -1. We will need to revisit this a
      bit perhaps, when Rob adds precheck code.