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    Attempt to operate in an admin mode for reservations · 188f041f
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    So, one reason the fast RPC path is fast cause we do not normally
    operate with credentials, but with reservations we have to since we want
    the reservation creator to be a real user and of course the project has
    to exist. Need credentials for that. But when an admin is editing or
    creating a reservation in another project, we need the admin user to
    exist too, and we might need the project to be created. That requires
    different credentials. So in an attempt to deal more generally with the
    admin problem, export an entrypoint to create a user (the admin user)
    before trying to create a reservation. Not sure this is the best way to
    go but its one way to go.
    In general, I think we need a more explicit user/project management API
    for the Portal. Needs more thought.
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