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    In docker image emulabization, attempt to combine COPY instructions. · 18361092
    David Johnson authored
    We now try to emulate any simple COPY <src> <dst> instructions via rsync
    prior to image build.
    This *does* mean that artifact builder scripts must be careful to create
    all necessary dirs according to the base image semantics, because the
    base image content is not there when we emulate the COPY instructions.
    For instance, many of the modified Dockerfile-runit and
    runit-artifacts.sh files depended on built runit packages being
    installed into /tmp in the final image -- but they didn't create the
    /tmp dir because the COPY instruction they used was running atop a
    fully-populated base image that already had /tmp.  Thus, the
    runit-artifacts.sh scripts had to be changed to create /tmp with the
    proper permissions.
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