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    Address Pats comments in email to testbed-ops: · 1728fe2b
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
        From: "Patrick Tullmann 'tullmann'" <tullmann@cs.utah.edu>
        Subject: Re: TESTBED: aclement janos Project Join Request
        First the reply-to: address for approval mails should be
        testbed-ops@fast (right?).
        Second, Austin isn't listed on my testbed user approval page.  I
        assume Mike or a testbed person approved him (which is good because
        who knows when I'd get around to it. :)
        An option like "remove" or "ignore" or something like that for just
        nuking requests without a reply would be useful (I've got some guy
        from yahoo.com who wants to join Janos).
        Also, the date of the join request would be nice to know (e.g., for
        the above, I think he tried joining 4 or 5 months ago).
        he documentation above the table is out of synch with the pull-down