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    Move the bulk (or guts) of newuser and newproject from the web · 16aaa101
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    interface to the backend. There are new scripts that can be called
    from the command line:
    	newuser xmlfile
    	newproj xmlfile
    They both run from small xmlfiles that are generated by the web
    interface from the form data. I also moved user verification to the
    backend so that we do not have duplicated email functions, but that
    was a small change.
    Upon error, the xmlfile is saved and sent to tbops so that we can
    rerun the command by hand, rather then force user to fill out form
    again. I also do a better job of putting the form back up intact when
    there are internal errors.
    If the user provides an initial public key, that is put into the xml
    file as well and addpubkey is called from newuser instead of the web
    interface. A more general change to addpukey is that it is now
    *always* called as "nobody". This script was a morass of confusion
    cause of having to call it as nobody before the user actually
    exists. In fact, another of my ongoing projects is to reduce the
    number of scripts called as a particular user, but thats a story for
    another day. Anyway, the script is always called as nobody, but we
    pass along the implied user in the environment so that it can do
    permission checks.