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    Add support for fully initializing the ilo on geni rack nodes. · 164da3ba
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    The basic operational model is as follows.
    * We turn the nodes on.
    * Since there is nothing on the disks, they will fall through to
      booting from the PXE and will boot the newnode MFS. They all check
    * We run Jon's script that adds the nodes. They are now in hwdown,
      still nothing on the disks.
    * We run my script, which is driven from a datafile we are supposed to
      get from HP. This script has the ilomac, ilopswd, control mac. I
      will add another column initially; the permanent IP to assign to the
      ilo. This script does:
     + Reads the datafile to get all the stuff.
     + Reads the dhcpd.leases file to find the temporary IPs of the ilos.
     + Finds the corresponding nodes in the DB.
     + Sends over an XML file that does the following:
         - Add the elabman user.
         - Add local root's dsa pub key to the new elabman user.
         - Add Utah's root dsa key to the Administrator user
         - Sets the power on mode to auto (so that the node turns on!).
         - Sets the idle timeout to 2 hours.
     + Sets the bootorder so that PXE is first. This has to be done
       with ssh and some expect stuff I culled from power_ilo. Sigh.
     + Calls out to another script that adds the ilo interface to the
       DB (this is the management_iface script I did last month).
     + Sends another XML file that tells the ilo to reset itself, so that
       it picks up its permanent IP address.
    * Now we can free the nodes from hwdown.