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    Some "improvements" to linktest ... · 159076bf
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * The linktest daemon (the one that runs on the nodes) no longer talks
      to boss directly, but instead contacts the local elvind; rc.linktest
      is changed to reflect that.
    * A bunch of signal handler changes to run_linktest.pl; do not rely on
      events to stop linktest when it is running on boss; when the user
      kills a running linktest make sure all the processes are killed
    * New wrapper script (linktest_control) for use on boss, specifically
      when being called from the web interface. This script handles the DB
      part (getting linktest_level and linktest_pid), making sure that
      only one linktest is running at a time (on boss) and reseting the
      pid in the DB as needed. The -k option kills a running linktest, and
      is invoked from the web interface when the user wants to kill one in
      progress. This gets the pid from the DB and sends it a TERM signal,
      which sends a TERM to the run_linktest.pl script, which sends a TERM
      to the ltevent helper app.
      Note that this wrapper is also suitable for the XMLRPC interface,
      although I have not added it there yet.