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    Support for push webhooks for repo-based profiles: · 10e12b53
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    We are running another apache server on boss, on port 51369, which
    invokes a backend perl script that maps the URL path argument to the
    profile, and then calls out to manage_profile to pull from the
    repository and update the profile to reflect the new HEAD branch.
    Using mod_rewrite in the apache config to restrict URLs to exactly
    the one URL that is accepted, modulo the value of the secret token.
    I had to refactor a bunch of code in manage_profile to make it easier to
    add a new entrypoint for modification from a git repo. This needed to be
    done for a long time, I had never cleaned up the original profile
    creation code.
    On the edit profile web page, there is a new row in the Repository panel
    providing the Push URL, and an explanatory help modal.
    There is a new slow polling timer that looks for a change to the repo
    hash and causes the web page to update in place from the repo, as when a
    push hook is invoked and changes the repo.