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    * No longer put the project leader into every subgroup. If the project · 08770694
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
      leader wants to be in the subgroup, he has to do it via the editgroup
      page. This required minor changes in editgroup pages, since I was special
      casing the project leader to not allow removal/addition.
    * Allow mere users to be the head of a group. This was previously not
      allowed, and is totally wrong since the entire group trust mechanism
      is based on giving subgroup members *more* privs then they have in
      the default (project) group.
    * Change permission check in the showgroup page to allow non group members
      to look at the group if they have group_root or better in the default
      group. I noticed that once I took myself out of a group, I could no longer
      look at the group even though I had group_root in the project.
      Also change so that the edit/del menu does not appear unless the user
      has permission to do those things.
    * Change consistency check when adding a group member. New test is simpler
      and makes sure that the user does not have root privs in the project and
      user privs in the subgroup. The reverse is of course okay, and the expected
      manner in which groups should be used.
    * newgroup page now spits out a redirect to showgroup page, rather then
      printing the group info itself. Avoids duplication and gets rid of the
      form post from the history. Ditto for editgroup page.
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