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    Pulled another fix from the anal repository... · 97066a92
    Mike Hibler authored
    No idea why rpc exchanges started failing after updating boss/ops to
    FreeBSD 6.1 or, for that matter, why this really fixes the problem.
    Monitoring the exchanges between client and the RPC serial line didn't
    show any rhyme or reason why some exchanges elicited "Input error" and
    others didn't.  But I noticed that every \r we send to the RPC gets
    echoed back as \r\r\n (and no, it isn't the serial line CR<->NL mapping).
    So I reduced the number of \r (actually \n) we send it and things got better.
    This "fix" has been running every 5 minutes for the last hour without
    failure, so I declare it: An Improvement.
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