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    Several changes: · 05d1aa0e
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Nodes report their local hostname in the URL. Optional of course.
      Stick that in as the nickname so its easier to see where a wa/ron
      node actually is.
    * As of version 3, the CDROM no downloads the entire register.pl
      script. The old script is just a wrapper that asks the page for the
      real script, which is run on the node. We return a url and md5 in
      the response, which the node then gets with wget. Right now the md5
      and the url are hardwired in the page, and the script goes in
      /z/testbed/distributions on boss. Needs to be DB loaded instead.
    * Return the slice in which we want to place the extrafs (/users)
      instead of trying to guess one. Since we return an fdisk table and a
      set of slices, we know what the setup is going to be anyway!
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