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    Merged in changes from tblog-2-branch:
              Move parts of libtblog into libtblog_simple.  Libtblog simple
              provided the basic logging functions but doesn't touch anything.
              Moreover including libtblog_simple doesn't automatically start
              the logging subsystem.  It also doesn't have testbed dependencies
              which mean 1) it can be used in the core testbed libraries (such
              as libdb, libtestbed) without introducing a circular dependency
              and 2) can be used independently.
              Reworked DBFatal and DBWarn to use tblog.  It will still email
              testbed-ops, however.
              Make use of the "cause" field to determine the cause of the bug.
              In particular tblog_find_error will look at the value of this
              field and report the "cause".  In the future different actions
              can be taken based on the ultimate "cause" of the bug, such as if
              testbed-ops should be notified.
              Change format of Error Message reported by libtblog.  As per the
              email "Format or Error Messages" ro testbed-dev.
              Have libtblog use its own Database handle to avoid problems with
              locked tables.
              Also set DBCONN_MAXTRIES to 3 for most important queries.  For
              queries that are not important don't send mail on error.