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	A broad classification of the amount of CPU and memory resources used by the nodes
	in your experiment:
	    <li><em>Very High</em> - Will consume all available resources on a node</li>
	    <li><em>High</em> - Consumes significant resources, but not a CPU or memory hog</li>
	    <li><em>Medium</em> - Uses tens of megabytes of memory and ~10% of a 2GHz CPU</li>
	    <li><em>Low</em> - Small memory footprint and low CPU usage</li>
	    <li><em>Very Low</em> - Minimal activity, such as pings</lI>
	If you chose the 'All nodes' or 'All sites' options above, it is assumed
	that you want the maximum number of sites possible, so your estimated
	resource usaage is set to 'very low' - setting it higher in this context
	may lead to undesired results.