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This is a snapshot of the current source code and CVS logs for
the software that runs "emulab" at the University of Utah,

NOTE: See the file RESTRICTED-RIGHTS for restrictions on this interim
snapshot.  In summary, you can't redistribute it or use it for
commercial purposes.  Soon we will provide a better, redistributable

Copy and localize the 'defs-default' file for your environment
and run ./configure.

This is a snapshot, not a formal distribution, so don't expect
great documentation.  See the files in the 'doc' directory.
To get started, see doc/setup*.

For help and to report bugs and problems, mail

Don't be shy!  No one's ever tried this before but us,
although we have cloned ours internally, which should
have caught most of the Utah'isms.
We are happy to get on the phone with you, too,
for "big picture" issues and problems.

Jay Lepreau,, 801-581-4285
February 26, 2002